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It would be impossible for me to supply a full kitchen including installation, appliances, worktops,
plumbing, electrics etc. for less than £7k with the quality products I supply unless really small kitchen.

( Sorry I am going out to too many jobs that want all the above for £1500 its impossible )

Please note this is my take on what the different kitchen price ranges are and may differ from others views.

Low end kitchens generally come from the big diy stores and are generally of a lower quality of cabinates and doors. Probably with a laminate worktop and cheaper end appliances. You are probably looking at upto £6k all in. Depending on the size of your kitchen. I would not be able to do a full kitchen at this price with the products I supply.

Mid range kitchens are good quality English made cabinates and quality doors/panels. Using Blum (or equivelant) hinges and runners. Rangng from around £7k to £17k. My average kitchen is £11k but I have done a few £17k and a few £7k a big part of the cost can be the worktops I.e. Quartz or Laminate.

High end kitchens are generally German or other eurpean makes that have really big factories and overheads. They come glued and dowled and usually have Quartz or Corian tops. From around £15k to the sky is the limit but I would say generally £25k to £30k on average depending on the size of the kitchen. I can supply this type of kitchen but via a third party.

Kitchen refurbs

Generally I concentrait on on full kitchens as beleive it or not it can take longer to do a refurb and have more problems depending on the current units installed. I prefer to start with a blank canvas. I can do refurbs if local and I'm not busy with full kitchens. But I still use MID range components so expect refurbs to be £4k plus depending whats involved.

Areas covered & Installation restrictions

I will no longer install kitchens in appartment blocks & flats etc. I can of course do supply only if you have your own fitter.
I cover most areas in Stockport also upto Macclesfield, New Mills, Wilmslow & Altrincham along the A555 corridor.

Please note I only install kitchens suplied by Hazel Grove Kitchens Ltd.


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